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CBC Pedals
Hand Built in USA!

CBC Pedals is going on hiatus for a brief time. Other endeavors have been taking up time as of late. All the pedals and descriptions will still be up here on the site as a reference for pedal owners, etc. Thanks!

CBC Pedals(clones by chris) started with one simple idea: To make authentic and true clones of vintage and out of production pedals at prices that won't break the bank. A lot of the original versions of these pedals can go for quite a bit of money on the used market. The goal of CBC pedals is to create the best sounding version of each particular circuit with every pedal. I'm relentless with each pedal and don't ship it out unless it sounds great to my ears. A lot of customers comment how my clones sound better than even their original vintage pedals. I try to build each pedal like it was going on my own pedalboard!